Friday, January 11, 2013

How to Coach Volleyball

To learn how to coach volleyball you first need to understand the role of the volleyball coach. In particular, you need to know what is expected of you as the Volleyball Coach.
Let's begin...
Volleyball coaches have to be able to discipline themselves as well as their team, if they are going to be successful. At the first practice, as a new volleyball coach you should get to know your players a little bit. After they get to know each other, you should have each player write down three goals about their volleyball game or skills that they want to accomplish during that season. After all the players are finished with that, have the team right down a few goals that they want to accomplish together. During the year bring up these goals and discuss them with your players. The biggest thing that you will need to have is a practice planner or book. This helps all coaches with keeping track of the drills you want to try or the drills that work well for your team to become better. When it comes to practice, every player needs to be there and on time, unless they had come to you earlier and let you know that they were going to miss practice and will make it up during the next practice. Sometimes if a player misses a player unexpectedly they will have to run, or do some other drill that their coaches say.
Obviously, as a Volleyball Coach you are expected to be at practice, or have another coach cover for you if you are unable to make it or have another game, if you are both a junior high and high school coach. Make sure to leave a practice plan when you are unable to make the practice yourself. Make sure every player warms up and cools down properly as well as drinks plenty of water. When you are just starting as a coach, it is good to have an assistant coach to help you make the decisions that will most positive influence, on yourself and your team. After a bad game, or a bad practice, sometimes coaches make their players run for every mistake they made.
Every Coach deals with some sort of drama on their team, especially if they are coaching a high school girl's volleyball team. If your team is conflicting because of drama between a couple of the players, first try to have them sit down and talk to each other, but if this doesn't work have the team sit down and discuss their problems, and the things they think they can all work to improve. There are other ways you can approach drama and conflicts. Have your team line up in alphabetical order by their last name. After they have lined up where they need to be, tell that them by next practice they need to have a letter written to the teammate that is standing on their right. These letters make the players think about the positive things of the other players, and why they like being on the same team with them, sometimes they can get emotional.
In conclusion, as a new Volleyball coach you should be ready for anything to come spinning your way, from a great season, to a bad season, as well as practices, not every team, game, or player is perfect, neither is the coaches, but everybody has to work together to get better. Be an encouraging coach, help the players when they need it, make sure they understand that if they aren't going to be serious and give 100% in practice that they shouldn't be playing the game. Allow players to have a little fun during practice so it encourages them to work harder, during practice, then when you get to a game they will have a positive payback.
Learning how to coach volleyball doesn't have to be a chore. While it may be difficult at first, try and enjoy yourself!

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